Cryptex V2PERPE

Introducing PERPE.

Perpe - Cryptex V2

20x PEPE Perpetual Market.

Cryptex V2.

Now Live on Arbitrum.

PERPE is a PEPE Perpetual Market with up to 20x leverage.

PERPE is the second Perpetual Market to launch on Cryptex V2, following the launch of TOTAL CRYPTO MARKET CAP (TCAP) Perpetual on June 6, 2023.

PERPE Maker/Taker Fees paid to Protocol: *ZERO.*

PERPE Liquidity: Can be provisioned equally, or split between Maker/ Taker via Cryptex V2 Pro Interface.

PERPE Leverage: Up to 20x.

PERPE is settled with Chainlink PEPE/USD oracle on Arbitrum.

Cryptex is the first protocol to deploy Chainlink PEPE/USD price feed on Arbitrum.

PEPE/USD Oracle Latency: 0.5%

PERPE Slippage: ZERO

Additional Parameters:

1. PERPE Maintenance: 5%

This is the minimum amount of collateral that needs to be maintained with respect to the notional value.

With this value, we calculate the maximum leverage = 1/0.05 = 20

2. PERPE Funding Fee: 0%

This is the percentage of the Funding Fee that can be claimed by the protocol.

This is currently set to 0 so that Makers can claim the entire funding amount.

3. PERPE Maker Fee: 0%

This is the fee charged as a percentage of the Maker notional amount.

This is currently set to 0 to incentivize Makers while bootstrapping this market.

4. PERPE Taker Fee: 0.15%

This is the fee charged as a percentage of the Taker notional amount and is currently paid entirely to the Makers.

5. PERPE Position Fee: 0%

This is the percentage of the Maker/Taker fees that can be kept by the protocol. A value of 1 indicates that all the fees will be distributed to the protocol and 0 if all the fees are to be distributed to Makers/Takers.

It is currently set to 0, distributing all Taker fees to Makers during the bootstrapping period.

6. PERPE Maker Limit: 60 Trillion PEPE

This is the maximum amount of Maker notional amount that a market can have. This value is approximately 3 million USD in collateral.

Please note:

  • Access to V2 is restricted for users in certain jurisdictions.
  • Cryptex has no access to user funds. Use the system at your own risk.
  • This communication is not an offer to sell tokens and is not financial or investment advice.

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